Transparency breeds trust in any relationship. Here's everything you need to know. Still have questions? Email us at vip@lustagencyinc.ca.


Your privacy is our propriety, we do not store your information under any circumstance. we require this information for the booking all information collected on this form will be immediate removed once your appointment is complete.


We want to make your experience be the best yet with any of our Lustful Companions! However, for your convenience and the safety of our ladies, here are some tips and tricks for first time sinners and/or those already on the dark side:

  • Be a perfect gentleman

  • Respect your companion’s privacy and anonymity – same as you would expect, do not ask for any personal details or information

  • Respect your companion’s time/presence – all our lustful companions take care to dress appropriately for any given occasion, and arrive on time for appointments. Please extend the same courtesy to them by being on time and presentable. As such please present the same courtesy to them, allow them a couple of minutes to freshen up at the start and end of your time together. We understand that there can be uncontrollable/uncalled/ unprecedented circumstances, however please try to abide by the confirmed schedule. If you are unsure about availabilities, feel free to book an appointment with one of our ladies on the day of your event, or reach out to us so we can help!

  • No refunds if less than 24 hours' notice

  • Please expect companions to check in/check out with the agency using their phone. This is a part of their safety in knowing where they are are keeping track of their scheduled time. Please do not ask companions to spend extra time or to stay longer. If nearing the end of your time together, you want more time, please contact the agency directly and we will advise if it can be done

  • Although a couple of drinks with your companion is great, for your safety and for that of the companions, we ask that you refrain from excessive drinking and engaging in the use of prescription/non-prescription drugs. Companions may choose to drink, however they have every right of refusal at any time. If we suspect any of the above, the booking agency and/or the companion has the right to cancel the appointment with no refunds.

  • All donations should be presented to the companion upon arrival in an unsealed and unmarked envelope. This way the rest of your time will be spent in great company!

  • Lastly, remember to relax and enjoy the experience! If you ever have any questions, concerns or remarks please feel free to reach out to the bookers/booking agency, as we are here to help you as well as the companions


Our travel companions are perfect for that business trip, dream vacation, or just a getaway from the stresses of life! Our ladies know how to brighten up either a day in the sun or a nice snowy day. 

Travel Companion Etiquette

Please respect your companion and accept the following:

  • Your companion must be able to freely come and go as she pleases (room keys, chalet keys, on site access, etc.)

  • Your companion must have a minimum of 3 hours of every 24 hours to themselves for personal downtime

  • Please inform us on the activities so the companion brings the right attire. Anything not informed to us will be of your responsibility to purchase.

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